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An interview conducted by Sally-Anne Ashley about Ineke van Osch.


Early in my life I liked to draw with anything that was available: as a toddler, using a bucket of water and thick brush and making marks on the tiled floor in tropical Singapore.


The transience of the result was not relevant.

As adults, we largely ignore the concept of transience, while that very awareness makes us more conscious of the here and now (for example, as manifest at Burning Man in the Nevada desert, an annual event where all the painstakingly constructed artwork ultimately ends up in smoke, in one magnificent gesture).

In my work, I am mainly inspired by nature in all its manifestations, both micro (tree bark, branches, stones, shells, insects) and macro (mountain landscapes, rock structures, traces of currents in the sand), as well as the beauty of the mundane, the things we often overlook in our busy life.



The intrinsic beauty of weathered, damaged and discarded objects, traces of use; what the Japanese call: wabi sabi. A philosophy I embraced years ago and try to express through my work. Capturing the essence, in a subtle, atmospheric way that is open to interpretation, not wanting to convey a message too explicitly; reduced to an atmosphere, a feeling that is open to personal interpretation.

I am also fascinated by Japanese pen and ink drawings, capturing the essential character of a subject with a few striking lines; this simplicity is also expressed in my work.



My principal method of working uses mixed media, including collage with the application of Japanese silk paper and pigment, and encaustic (liquid wax mixed with pure pigments)  with the integration of natural materials that lend themselves well to the atmosphere I wish to convey, on crafted paper, wood, board or linen.

This website offers a basic overview of my work, philosophy and sources of inspiration. It is not fully comprehensive; if you are interested in viewing more of my art or commissioning work from me, you are most welcome to make an enquiry.

My work is for sale and can be shipped with or without a suitable frame. Frames can also be supplied following consultation, to suit personal preferences.

I welcome your feedback or requests for further information; please go to my contact page and click on the email link, or contact me by phone.