Marte has lived in a number of countries over the years (born in Singapore, raised in the Netherlands and Australia) and has travelled widely, currently moving mainly beween an urban, inner city lifestyle in Rotterdam and the more sedate pace of life in southern Spain, living in a small seaside village in the province of Almeria.  She feels at home in both the ‘concrete jungle’ and the outreaches of nature, and these impressions are reflected in her work.

Her artistic focus is to reflect and capture the feeling and essence of a place or person, either directly through painting, mixed media, encaustic or digital art, or via photography, at times distorting the images subsequently and translating these into new forms of expression.  While Marte has followed art education and workshops at tertiary and private level intermittently throughout the years, she is only now setting out to explore in depth how to communicate thoughts, ideas and feelings through various media, needing to redirect her mindset from business and science to a means by which to free up ideas and images and committing them to paper, canvas and digitally: mainly through abstract and expressionist work, with occasional flights of fancy into caricatures.

The work on this site represents only a small selection of work at the start of her journey of exploration into art, with the hope to be able to convey to others that sense of wonder and delight in the beauty of the unexpected (and often unremarked).