This gallery offers a selection of my work, categorised according to the technique applied in each case: encaustic, mixed media or painting.

Encaustic is a technique using hot wax mixed with pigment and fused in layers onto a support surface. It can also integrate objects or a diversity of materials to add further interest and texture.

Mixed media, as the name implies, uses combined techniques such as Japanese silk paper collage, own work on paper, torn and rearranged, the addition of found objects, surface treatments to create textural interest, such as the application of acrylic media or simply sand or grit, together with paint, ink and pure pigment, resulting in the final work.

I tend to favour acrylic paint for its quick drying properties and versatility. I am currently experimenting with work on a larger scale. My subjects are predominantly inspired by patterns, tonal contrasts and shapes found in nature or in urban environments.


mixed media